• My Wedding on September 16 1989
    My fiancé and I had known each other our entire lives as our mothers had been friends since 6th grade. When we began dating in May of '89 we knew that we would be getting married. His father was battling cancer and had taken a turn for the worst one weekend. We decided that we would get married the following weekend before his health took him to a state that would not allow him to attend. My mother and I went to Azteca that Monday night where your specialists listened to my interests and found a gown off the rack that was PERFECT! We paid a little extra for some rush alterations and by Thursday night I was driving home with the gown. I LOVED it the moment I put it on and I felt like the happiest princess ever the night of the wedding. Unfortunately, our marriage ended after 20 years. However, 10 years after that divorce, I find my myself not only planning a second wedding for myself for May 25, 2019, but my son's wedding as well on September 28, 2019. I found out about this "memory lane" event on December 15th when my future daughter-in-law chose a gown from Azteca! She also knew the moment she slipped on the PERFECT gown!! Our appointment was at 10:00am and with Ophelia's amazing help, we left around noon with the wedding dress and bridesmaids gowns ordered. Now, I need to return to the store for a wedding dress and a 'mother of the groom' dress!