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  • Wedding 1989
    We got married in May of 1989. I had found the dress I wanted in a bridal magazine. Yes, we used to pore over those magazines as there was no internet back then. The dress was more expensive than I really could afford but I went in search of it anyway. I found myself in Azteca Bridal and I found my exact dress for half the price quoted in the magazine! I couldn't have been more thrilled! Everyone there was helpful and lovely and helped to ensure that my wedding dress was fitted perfectly to me. I also found my bridesmaids' dresses there and they couldn't have been more perfectly complimentary to my dress! I still love my white and pink and I have my wedding dress preserved and waiting for one of our three daughters, should any of them choose to wear it. Our first of three daughters is now getting married but her style is not the same as mine, so a few weeks ago she flew into Phoenix and we went shopping for her wedding dress at - where else- Azteca Bridal. She also found a dress perfectly suited to her style, which we purchased - a second generation shopper! I am attaching several photos because that's the only way to properly get an idea of how lovely and versatile the dress is. With such a long train it's amazing how it was able to be lifted up for the dance floor and still look like that's how it was meant to be!